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vegas, book idea, iPhone

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I am blogging this bad boy from the car en route to vegas. We hit Disney's double feature in socal along with universal studios. Today I turned 25. Now I will hopefully drop the hammer on some llamas in vegas in the 1-2 game.

The iPhone continues to rock muh sox. The fact that no pressure is needed for this keypad is a huge ergonomic benefit that, with all the talk of "text thumb", I'm surprised we haven't heard more of. The autocorrect on this thing is genius.

I got to meet a guy today I only know online from coh, which was cool.

I have seriously had my main two book ideas percolating, and I think real writing is near. I need to do some physics research for one. When I get home I will likely be doing some consulting work again. Seems like I will be quite busy, but opportunity doesn't let you pick your schedule.

A guy from work has been pushing me to take swim lessons and swim on a regular schedule, and I think I'll jump on it... I am by no means in the worst shape, but I'd like to get back to a fully fit weight and tone, and I'm feeling empowered lately. I will be busy... Have to cut some game time. Oh well.

at the children's museum

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we're at the children's museum, and I saw this....

I r a blogger!!

Antibacterial Soap is Bad

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It's no more effective than regular soap, and it triggers mutations that make bacteria resistance to triclosan.

Check it

first iPhone blog

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So we are at cold stone with a crazy long line, and i thought.. Hey, i wonder how well the iphone works with moveable type. Pretty good apparently. :)

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